Antarctica New Schwabenland (Gateway to the Flat Earth)

Antarctica and New Schwabenland, annexed by National Socialist Germany of the Third Reich, is the key to understanding the Flat Earth, and why the creationists of the Axis nations and Adolf Hitler were so close to liberating the world from Internationalist Banker tyranny.

The masons at NASA want this secret shut down at all costs, because if the world finds out they've been lied to all along, they'll investigate the side that was telling them the truth. Creationism, and since Adolf Hitler is not only the most famous person (alive) but also a Creationist and the most famous creationist in the present, they will study Mein Kampf and find out why the masons and others had been trying to enslave the world by hiding the truth of Flat Earth, and Creationism from everyone.

Adolf Hitler was getting closer and closer last century with submarine, navy and aircraft advances that were going to prove Creationism to the world, as well as the Earth's Flatness. Once Antarctica is openly explored by any civilians, and colonised by us, we will document the reality of the Flat Earth ourselves, and prove that Adolf Hitler was right in being a creationist, and the enemies of the Allied faction, were nothing more than World Class Tyrants.

They were trying to enslave the world through communism, internationalist banking just as Adolf Hitler accused them. This is accused by many to be nothing more than a false conspiracy theory based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which Hitler and many europeans and intellectuals believed to be true. But once it's proven Communists and Allies were and still are trying to hide the Flat Earth Truth from everyone, to erode Creationism, Adolf Hitler's spirit will have triumphed.

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