Urban Legends

Here, I shall adress some of the common lies misconceptions about the Third Reich.

 There was no intimidation in the democratic life of National Socialist Germany. But rather "Faith, Hope and Love" to quote AdolFuhrer.

 No avarice or lies either, they were the poorest people of Germany who only wanted their nation back, and were told they would lose everything if they joined, they would be insulted, abused, persecuted by the marxist rivals. Yet they joined and succeeded! A positive example of Arian Will and Superior Morality.

 They promised they would not base the Party's ideology on lies, but that they would respect a true ideology, that they would rise to the first and foremost power in their nation. Both of these first two promises have been kept by it's original members to the letter.

 The National Socialist party already had the Majority of seats in the Reichstag. It didn't need votes or any new votes, it had already won. This is why Adolf Hitler was elected Chanzellor over all other german partisans. It would have earned their party nothing to cause a disaster such as the Reichstag fire.

 The Reichstag burning had the Germans  scared of the dangerous Red Terror, which triggered the War on Terror from Germany's Government (represented by the National socialist party in general). Adolf Hitler securing the German Volk's peace and safety, by locking away all the criminals who broke the German Law. This is full accordance with any democratic event or policy of present or past democracies. Any other sane servant of the German Volk should and would have done exactly the same. Hindenburg had Adolf vow to serve Germany's interests first, before that of the party, and he had no choice around declaring the War on Terror, which saved Europe itself from total annihilation.

 The Germans instead voted for the act against terrorists in their own rebuilt nation. That was all! And did that Act make their country far safer than before? Yes. Did the Reichstag burn down after the Act was voted by the Germans? No. So I must agree with the German Volk for voting that Act against Terrorism in the 30's, to make their society safe again for their children.

 The National Socialists were not in full control of anything. If they had been, they would have had Adolf Hitler elected President like Hindenburg was, yet they struggled many years with respecting the law, and only made Adolf the ReichsChanzellor. So theirs was a dignified, fair struggle, such as winter campaigns to save freezing, starving children from facing death or disease or hunger, when no other party or nation even bothered to look twice their way. If that Party was the majority of our Reichstag now, I would join the same winter relief campaign myself, as would all True Germans. But no modern governments or parties seem interested in the actual survival or wellbeing of any peoples, least of all their own blood and race.

 They didn't claim it was a marxist conspiracy, the larsonist said he was a red communist, which was a confession that led to his trial by the Volk. I see no reason he would lie and sentence himself to death simply to keep the Chanzellor in the same position, since the Reichstag Fire did not make Adolf the Fuhrer or President of Germany. It just gave the NS party a lot more work to do in keeping their country safe. This is what any other government would have been made to do, by common sense and german laws, if the Reichstag was burned on their watch. If anything us NationalSocialists look with great sorrow and teary eyes on the Reichstag Fire, since it was meant as an ultimate sacriledge and blasphemy against the newly Elected Chanzellor of Germany. Imagine the horror of finding out some terrorist burned down the building you are Chanzellor in, and how badly the Germans will judge you or blame you for it. Adolf felt awful because of the fire's tragedy, and so did other NationalSozialists whose victory celebration was cut drastically short.

 Dull minded individuals are quick to accuse anyone who doesn't "condemn" National Socialism of being responsable for the Holocaust, or promoting it, or denying it. So now because we don't condemn NationalSozialismus, it means we endorse the Reichstag Fire, or that we're larsonists? Why just blame us for millions of the people with no known identification to prove they even lived in Europe at the time, or starting two wars later proven to have been started by the Allies, and not for the Reichstag fire? To their mindless interpretation of history, us National Socialists should have destroyed our own victory symbols only to find unneeded excuses to "do whatever evils" they never cease to accuse us of.

 The Germans still held full power, even after the Reichstag was devastated. Their life conditions improved by the month, actually! They could afford vacations to Italy on the Mediteranean Sea, and they felt blessed by their Chanzellor.

 The National Sozialist Party was indeed guilty of serving it's German Volk. That blame I fully agree with, and am happy to partake in.

 Adolf Hitler was guilty of loving Germany too much. But there's no such thing as loving your people or nation too much, is there? Did Jesus not love his gothic people of the viking nation, also too much? How is Adolf Hitler any different than Jesus?

 Adolf Hitler was crucified just like Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ was. For the sins of the White Races. Am I a monster for considering such crucifixion a tragedy? Am I unfair to judge it a crime?

 Unity of Germany only happened once National Sozialismus was the main and only party. That was true Harmony. What did diversity bring the german citizens being murdered by stalinists or leninists or marxists on the streets of Germany? Early Graves, perhaps? Those early graves are what those diverse parties of Germany condemned themselves to. That was not NS's fault that the other parties were inferior in honesty and courage and devotion to their realm. Socialism, Marxism and "Demoncracy" are what threw Germany into it's total financial collapse in the Great Economic Crisis. Which discredited the political parties robbing the germans, and showed the labourers and farmers and people who was truly out to serve their best interest in the world. This is the main reason why National Socialism rose so fast in Reichstag seats, because all other political parties proved their incompetence, and lost credibility. As soon as their financial criminal support from Mobster Amerika, crashed, so did their power in Europe. Allowing true europeans, and german patriots to save their country and Volk from destruction. What would have become of Germany or it's people if Hitler had not rearmed the Third Reich before or during the Second World War? No one would be speaking german, since it would be an extinct language, or erased from history all together, by the "Victors".

 Adolf in fact said "it is time we show Them the same Law of the Talion they live by .... Eye for an Eye, Tooth for Tooth". This means they were in fact against "eye for an eye" before, but made an exception after the Reichstag burned down. You burn down our Reichstag? We burn down your shops. You disobey German Law? We introduce you to German reeducation camps! Law of the Talion. I found no reason why germans cannot not apply this biblical principle in pure defensive, morally justifiable purposes. Whether it is against Judes or Marxists, burgeois or other categories of Untermensch.

Judes kill anyone they manage to, who hates or dislikes them, breaking even the Law of the Talion they claim to worship. They are far beyond any semblance of morality in their own criminal aggression against those they brand "antisemites", or publically damn and slander. While if their enemies apply the fair law to the Judes, without even crossing the line as the Judes always try to, suddenly everyone thinks a tragedy happened.

The existence of Judes itself, is the greatest tragedy this world and it's Arian Volk has had to put up with. Sadly, it is not yet over ...

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