Dark City

Apart from it's excellent music range and quality of songs, this favourite movie of mine carries secret messages and archetypes that are widely still unrecognized.

The premise is an elder race that is going extinct uses a occult form of magic they call tuning to create a city of their own volatile ever changing design.

This is an obvious metaphore for "the government" and their zionist cabal that often draws on Kabbalah for the same genre of behind the curtains play with other's lives.

In translation, just as the Media and Mafia and other zionists manipulate the lives of other races to their own eternal gain, the Others have the same form of preternatural malevolence when toying with the lives of their captives.

The rich get richer notes one of the positive characters in the Dark City, as after each Tuning the memories of the altered people are changed to match the new scenario they are to play out. False memories are given, lives rewritten all for the curiosity and selfish gratification of the above picture Sect.

A true classic of it's Conspiracy Genre, much like The Crow series, this movie introduces us to a drastic change in events and plans as one of the captives working with the Others, a psychiatrist, tells one of his patients The Hidden Truth about the nature of their reality and existence.

Learning the occult ways of tuning, our main character thus battles the evils of The Others, until they finally lose their magical dominance in that world, and see their plots crumble to the dust.

Other than the obvious mistake in chosing Jennifer Connelly to play the wife the Saviour is in love with, the movie follows a similar mystical route as other subliminal projects. Most people fall in love, so they add a wife to make it more relatable and successful.

The oddness of the Others exemplifies their frightening power. Within the Dark City, they have absolute power over everyone, able to kill them without leaving a trace, and erase anyone's memories. They could have killed everyone in the Dark City if they so chose.

But they needed to examine the secrets of why their captives do what they do, and how they survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

Whether the Others are jewish or some other gang bent on world domination, the point is very clear. They decide or influence every opinion every thought every feeling every memory, recreating reality for their victims. Just the Media shapes and created their own alternate version of everything.

The dumbified masses are the victims of the Others. The economy and media and laws are only tricks they use for Tuning our reality to their twisted decadence and greed.

The first part of this movie can be watched here:

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