A predator is made, not born. Many find excuses for the animals and animaloids, "it's in their predatory nature", or "it's their instincts as predators they can't avoid".

But is it really, that simple? Are predators simply born, not made? If one accepted this, one must also accept the theories of Untermensch of the Nazi German researchers. But they never do. Somehow animals "have a right" to be predators, yet the non white races have a free "Race Card" pass to be anything but predators. They are Saints! Proven and tested, surely but never.

So then, why can't animals be Saints, like the Untermensch afford themselves to be? Well, animals have no propaganda machine, to whitewash their crimes, and twist their actions into benevolent sanctimoneus acts of all pervasive righteousness and absolute justice.

Propaganda has a weakness. Language. If no one speaks your language, you can't convince them of your lies or delusions of grandeur. This is why the inferior races: Hebrews, Mongoloids, Afroids learn and adopt the language of their White Superiors, whenever they invade our lands.

Snatching a neat place at a comfortable newspaper or printhouse or tv station, they begin their Propaganda Campaign, of deceiving the ignorant masses. One may mistake this for a predatory act, if one were to compare Subhumans to Animals.

But was Adolf Hitler ever a predator? All his actions prove he was anything but. Striving for peace in Europe, as well as protection of animals, example the wolf itself, and all pro wild life actions of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, prove he was nothing like a predator.

Predators don't spare their victims. Adolf Hitler never had such victims. Though victimised by jealous adversaries and opulent rivals and contenders to the ReichsFuhrer's Throne, he never made use of predatory tactics to overcome them.

Discipline was enough. The loyalty of a few decent, intelligent germans, who assumed their laurels as the World's Finest People, living in the Greatest Nation the world had yet seen, they did what was needed to be done.

Children, barely teenagers fought bravely against the hordes of Invading Savages, knocking out tanks, and humiliating the few cowards who wanted Germany to die a pacifist's death, instead of living a Phoenix's voyage.

Predators are addicted to their prey. They are weak to external stimuli, enslaved to their senses. Blind to the wonders of Intellect, or Self Thought. Incapable to see beyond their horse visors, ethnically conditioned to become killing machines?

Or simply driven by circumstance, to choose the ways of a predator? The contempt Adolf had for the inferior rivals, the trash represented in persons of Stalin "Jewison", Mordechai Churchill or Rosenfeld "Pussywhip", is understandable. Theirs was not a great nation like Germany, they were not leaders or visionaires like Adolf Hitler.

And yet they had many predators on their side. Not just the pedophiles of Amerika, the serial rapists of Asia, the criminals of Canada or Australia. They rallied all the sellswords, mercenaries, profiteurs and swindlers of the Age, promising them all the bounty of the most prosperous state of 20th Century Europe: Nazi Germany of the Third Reich.

The assassination of the Intelligentsia, the classes of intellectuals of Germany, Axis nations as well as the rest of White Europe, was merely the first necessary step for the Subhumans to leach Germany and Europe effectively after 1945. Millions deported, arrested, imprisoned or murdered.

But Europe still holds the highest levels of IQ, or tested intelligence. Was the persecution of White Intellectuals, all in vain? The nationalists were roughly exterminated when found. But Nationalists can hide better than Subhumans can search. The Arian is always wiser than the Jew. Or it's many minions.

Are the White Races simply ... too intelligent? Did the Allied Subhumans bite off more than they could chew? Antisemitism in Europe is reported to be worse now than it ever was, even in the days of Adolf Hitler's glorious, but benevolent rule. Even in the Allied Nations there are strong opposing factions which undermine International Judeomasonry.

Then again, Adolf Hitler said to the National Social party members: "It was not the Intellectuals that motivated me. But the two classes I encountered in Germany. The german worker, and the german farmer."

As long as Germany has workers and farmers, Nationalism survives. No ammount of laws banning nazi salutes or hitlerist rallies can change that. They can't forbid Germany from working or farming. But they can try to indoctrinate them.

Indoctrination works because people see themselves as predators. The Jewish mouthpieces, their newspaper or magazine articles, paint the reader as "Supreme Leader of Humanverse", while feeding the petty egos of the majority of failed predators, they also feed their own egos to have ensnared and blinded so many.

This is why media is subversive first, and informative lastly. It's purpose is personal, to take advantage of "fellow man", and only lately to inform justly. As long as the Allies remain at the capitalist peaks of prosperity, selling their propaganda movies, papers, magazines, merchandise, jobs and other bussinesses, the lowminded, subservient masses shall obey them.

You don't want to lose all your tiny freedoms, do you? The transportation or food provided to you by your benevolent dictators is surely necessary for life. Soon there will be oxigen pumps in each city, with oxigen masks and tanks being sold by the Jew, while oxigen is being drained from the atmosphere.

There is no point in searching for hidden conspiracies, or future totalitarian governments that are unrealistic and science fiction saturated. Those too, are expensive lies sold to you by the Jew. Many preachers of "such hidden truths", widely familiar to almost all in the West, sadly even in Europe and the rest of the unimportant world.

David Icke and many other psychopats and insane asylum refugees, like Nostradamus or Zecharia Sitchin. Why any intelligent independent thinker would give credit to the wild nonsense of these baloonery peddlers, is a modern mystery.

These people take Science Fiction .... too literally. And forget all about Science Facts, or even Realism all together. They are Sycophants who've deceived generations of mindless mouth pieces. Preachers and criminals, all spout the garbage regurgitated by those vermin.

I won't even begin on the "atheist" front. They are beyond criticism. Their actions speak for themselves. Not intelligent as they claim, they barely have any followers in their own homeland of Turkish Soviet Amerika (USA), and a fringe outskirt antisocial cult following in the Civilized World, like Europe.

None of these poseurs have convincing or unquestionable facts or arguments in their favour. They are just speculants. Theorists abusing philosophy just enough to convince more idiots to buy their merchandise. Mainly maculature books not even worthy of containting trash, which is ironically what it does. Since their theories are trashy and unfounded.

Was this the reason for '45 Massacre of Intellectuals in Europe? Kill the Cream of the Crops, to have unquestioned, unchallanged Monopoly over books or what the "Main Majority" thinks or believes about their environment or society or fellow people?

Without Arian intellectuals like Nietzsche, Goethe, Hitler, all the fanatic lunatics of the world are left unchecked, uncriticized and unrivaled. Normal folk don't have the courage to debate against such "best selling authors" with their god complex and all. Normal folk were trained submissive and to obey the Intellectuals enforced and pushed forth by the Allied Commandery and Propaganda Service Division.

If the world is becoming crazier and crazier, it's because the Works of Adolf the Great were never fully completed. Are there other causes, like Hollywood Fever? Widespread electricity that reroutes neuron connections to literally brainwash the brains of the Vulnerable Herd?

Don't expect your Preachers or Enlightened "prophets" to write to you about these secret mindwashing techniques, they employ in their very books and sermons. They don't want you to know ... too much.

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