Racial Rationalism

The philosophy behind Fascism is comprehensible.
Italy is a very small country. One of the smallest of 'Western Europe' next to the other great powers. It's only natural chance at greatness was by following an expansionist course, similar to the european empires of the past or present.

Portugal, another small state was a great colonial empire with ties to England that thrived in South Amerika. Denmark had it's empire in Norway, England, Iceland and Greenland. Holland from England to the New World. The Dutch and Belgian Empires were both highly successful. Belgium as a colonial empire in the neo imperialist age, in Afrika. And as Flanders the north western side of the Holy Roman Empire, or First Reich, that saw the dawn of Crusaders and rise of Teutonic Knights that colonized and civilized Europe as well as the Orient.

The only hope for Italy to become an empire instead of remaining a vassal like some of the balkan nations, was to create this myth of a "Latin Roman Empire" in some fictional history of the past.

This myth first thought up in the Napoleonic Era, when the Emperor annexed Italy and the Vatican, imprisoning the Catholic Pope. Using Latinism as a merchant language to increase imperial profits in the rest of Europe for his economy and colonialism. To finance future wars against Russia and Britain.

The farse of a "Latin Empire" of the Romans was copied from the historical First Reich or "Holy German Empire" which after annexing and conquering Rome to gain sea access to the trade rich southern seas, was also known by some as the Holy Roman Empire.

There was never an ancient roman empire. Only the medieval Holy Roman Empire that was german and spoke gothic versions of the norse languages. It's runic etruscan alphabet degenerated into the "latin" alphabet, which is merely simplified runes dumbed down for the illiterate masses of it's period,

To any conaisseur of Anatoly Fomenko's New Chronology, it's clear how the phantom time principles apply here, in translating a medieval giant germanic empire into a fictitious latino empire somewhere in the south. The Latin Lie is poorly conceived as any professional historian will see the imposibilities of the Roman Empire existing so long ago, or having those advances that are barely learned millenia later in the Middle Ages of Europe.

The papers of Rome, commisioned by Julius Kaiserus (known historically as Jesus Christ, the germanic Emperor of the First Reich who was deified more than other german emperors of the holy reich), were possible with the printing presses of Late Medieval Germany.

Saxony dictated the elections of each new German Emperor for the First Reich, so nordic germanic culture was dominant in the "Holy Roman Empire". As well in all of the heir kingdoms or empires that appear after the Fall of the First Reich.

Austria or "Osste Reich" was the East Reich or "East Roman Empire" of so called antiquity all along. Constantinople was a colony of Vienna, as Vienna dominated trade by the Danube (Jordan river of the Bible), and Constantinople or Tsarigrad was the Oriental colony port of Vienna for those centuries. Austria was it's owner, which is why many austrian monarchs and nobles participated in Crusades in Anatolia to protect their Byzantine colony.

The West Germanic Empire of Charlemagne, whether it predated the First Reich of the Holy Roman Empire or not, was also purely germanic or Frankish. The germanic tribes of the sea and rivers are what the franks were known as.

The Swedish Empire, germanic. During it's expansion and domination of Europe, it intimidated Russia and Poland, invading the north of Germany in the 30 Years War, to promote Protestant faith over the Catholic one.

The Prussian Empire in the Baltic also germanic heir to the First German Reich. As the Visigothic Empire in Italy and Spain, that introduced many norse or celto-germanic names and words into those languages there, also purely germanic and of the Arian Christian Faith.

The Cathar Empire of "Bulgaria" in Macedonia and Thrace was created by the Cathar Knights of Gaul, or Albigensians, who also created colonies of their race and creed in many parts of Europe, from Novgorod to the Atlantic. It's celtic germanic heritage and character close to Bogomilism was germanic from Gaul's local volk.

Even the Russian Horde was founded by Ruthenian nobles of Celtic Viking heritage, who converted from Norse Arian christianity to Hellenic Orthodox Christianity, and was originally gothic and germanic in language and speak. Crimean Gothic in Scythia and Ruthenia and Krimea attests to this ostrogothic noble race of germanic Arians that held rule in those nordic nations now twisted by the subhumans into "slavic realms".

None of them were ever slavic, as "Slava" translates to "Glory" in sanskrit, and all the names of the chirilic script held a symbolic title of holy importance in Norse Mythology. Sigismund de Luxembourg, Austrian Emperor was titled "Sieg Mund" or World Conqueror by those norse titles of slavic script then.

Wladislaw Dracula Woywoden Wallachorum, translated as "Glorious Leader Dracula of the Dragon Order, Envoy of Oden in Wallachia". None of the slavic words had a popular pagan meaning or that of a specific nation. They were an artificial class language created by the Aesir red headed divine race in Scythia for their nobiliary ranks and titles.

As the Aesir race grew in dominance like the Bible who names them children of "Izaax", "Saxons" Celts or "israelites" known elsewhere as scythians by their european origin, it reached and subjugated the Muslim Arab world all the way to India and across Asia, Balkans and Egypt.

The arab word "sakalib" that applied to the so called slavic or protoslavic peoples, translates into "red haired". As the Aesir's germanic language of ostrogothic crimean gothic was similar to East Gothic or protogermanic it later evolved or devolved into what is now assumed to be "slavonic".

Yet it's Arianism faith or germano-celtic culture and language(s) were all norse. Europe's history was predominantly germanic imperialist, and not ethnic nationalist or language nationalist as the subhumans would preach now in their corrupt incompetent schools or media outlets.

Further in depth research into New Chronology's implications with Germanic Arian history is vital, as this is the only way we have to prove the Arian Race discoveries of the Third Reich were true. The Historical Revolution begun by the National Socialist Revolution will Triumph (of the Will) !!!

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